Every organisation faces different challenges and different goals. For that reason it is worth meeting up to discuss how a plan can be tailored for your companies needs. I set out by learning the specific issues within your organisation, and understand what

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The following are our latest products.  Whether you want to lose weight, sleep better or  improve your sports performance, you will find something here for you.

Going In The Zone for Sport

You Are Training Your Body, Now Train Your Mind! All top athletes and coaches agree that being able to “Go in the Zone” is the key to great sporting performance. When you achieve this flow state your confidence is high, you

What Alan Heary does

 What does Alan do? Alan Heary is more than just a mental fitness trainer. He is a High Performance and Wellness Coach, specialising in delivering performance excellence in key areas of both business and sport.  These areas are: building confidence and...

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New Online Course

Going In The Zone for Sport – Online Course

The Going In The Zone For Sport online course guides you through sports specific mental fitness workouts and explains in everyday language how you can enhance your performance using innovative sport psychology techniques. Whether you are a junior sports competitor...

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What has been said about Alan

Padraig talks about the Mental Toughness course he attended run by Alan Heary “I would recommend this course to all athletes, no matter what disipline you do, I would also recommend it to coaches because it gives you tools that you can bring into your sporting environment and into your coaching sessions. It has been invaluable”.

Padraig Marrey, Ireland’s Highest Qualified Cycling Coach

“A team that is incredibly fit and a team that has tremendous ability, will not win if they are not mentally prepared for the battle. What I like about Alan is he is very approachable, very knowledgeable and he finds it very easy to relate and very easy to communicate with players. He simplifies the mental end of things and they can relate to it. It’s no longer a mystical subject. With us he was very professional and that is the thing that strikes you straight away. You don’t reach the top of your profession without being anything other than professional.”

Paddy Clarke InterCounty Football Manager

“He manages to blend his vast amount of academic knowledge into information that is precise and easy to understand and I would have no hesitation in recommending his approach to mental preparation for either individual or team competition”

PJ Nolan Former Cycling Ireland President and cycling team manager

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