What does Alan do?

Alan Heary

Alan Heary at the Beacon Hub Offices

Alan Heary is more than just a mental fitness trainer. He is a High Performance and Wellness Coach, specialising in delivering performance excellence in key areas of both business and sport.  These areas are: building confidence and leadership development, conquering anxiety, high performance and wellness coaching, mental toughness, boosting energy and motivation.

Alan has a wide range of clients in both sporting, business, corporate and educational areas. 

His individual clients include CEOs and senior executives, professional athletes, world champions, Olympic athletes, professional golfers, professional sports coaches, and individuals looking to achieve their peak performance.

Alan Heary in green jersey

Alan with John Aldridge and some of the Irish Amputee Football Team

Some of his most notable companies include, Microsoft, Sheridan Insurances, TD Caldwell Ltd., Matrix Furniture, ISPCC and the Meath Chronicle.  He is currently working with the FAI with the Irish Amputee Football team, Cycling Ireland, and various professional Sports Coaches.

 Alan is available for:

  • One to One consultations with Business Managers, athletes, both professional and amateur, and sports coaches
  • Business and Sports Team Development
  • Corporate Presentations
  • Personalised Mental Toughness coaching

Alan can work with your team whether in a sports, corporate or educational setting, he also works with individuals on a one to one basis.  His goal is to help teams and individuals achieve their peak performance. 

Consultations are available off-site, or on-site at our offices in Sandyford, or online via skype.

Office address:-

Beacon Hub, 96 Bracken Road, Sandyford, Dublin 18 (click here for location)

If you are looking to reach new levels of performance in your Sport or Business then contact Alan now on +353 (0)87 900 8845 or by email at alan@alanheary.com.


Read more about where Alan studied and his passion

In 2007 Alan graduated from Dublin City University, with a degree in Sport Science and Health, he has over 25 years experience working in the health and fitness industry.

In 2006, he worked with the Australian Institute of Sport at the Sunshine Coast University, Queensland, where he helped prepare Australian national teams, for major competitions.  This experience molded his philosophy when working in sport and business, to create teams around teams with a strong collaboration within the team leaders.

In 1998 he created a software company based in Boston, USA, that focused on bringing wellness to the corporate sector through meditation, relaxation and other exercises used with top performers, to improve concentration and decision-making.

 What is Alan’s passion?

Alan with Team Generali Race Around Ireland 2015

Alan with Team Generali Race Around Ireland 2015

Having spent a lot of his youth involved in Athletics his passion now is cycling.  Ultra cycling to be precise.  Based on his philosophy of creating teams around teams, in 2008, he wanted to prove that with the right team built around a group of leisure cyclists he could get four cyclists to finish what is considered to be the toughest race in the World – The Race Across America. The result was astonishing, not only did they complete it, but took 30 hours off the previous Irish record finishing second in the event.

In 2011 he took it one step further by entering a solo rider into the Race Across America where the rider became the first and only Irish rider ever to finish this event.  The goal was to be able to manage energy for the rider to stay on his bike for up to 22 hours per day for 11 days.

Race Around Ireland


Alan receives Marketing Award for Race Around Ireland

If all the above was not enough to keep him busy, in 2009 he brought the idea of The Race Across America to Ireland.  He set up the now Award Winning event: The Race Around Ireland.  This year is the 9th year of this Event, it has been called one the Toughest Cycling Event in the World.  Documentaries have been made about it and books have been written about it.  To read a little bit more about this world class event read here.


His work has been featured on five different documentaries and he is frequently featured on National radio and Television stations as well as National papers and magazines.