“You come out of a session with Alan, feeling as if you can accomplish anything!”

Nick O'Hare - Olympic Swimmer

The Executive World Champion Programme

Maximising confidence, concentration, commitment, courage, control and capabilities in business.

Going In The Zone for Business Leaders Programme

A training programme designed to create an environment where you can reach a new level of performance and impact

Corporate Wellness to Maximise Energy

It is well recognised that managing energy and not time, is the key to a maximising our results, happiness and well-being.

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This hub has been created to share step-by-step systems for self improvement, whether your goals centre on health, money, productivity, sports success or all of the above.

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Alan is unique in his ability to work with professionals who want to improve from the inside out. His energy and resourcefulness means that you get a very personalised experience that is carefully tailored to achieve results. You never feel rushed with Alan and his regular out-of-course "check-ins", by text, phone or skype keep the show on the road. I would highly recommend Alan to anyone serious about growing as a professional.

Ray O'Neill World Champion Programme

Our mission is to help people “get ahead without burning out” and Alan Heary’s session gave our attendees a unique insight that they could take into the workplace. We had great feedback on his session and know of at least one company that have applied his techniques into their personal development processes.

Jenni Cochrane – Festival Director www.Getahead.life