Alan Heary
At my office in the Beacon Hub 

Owner of Ultimate Ventures Limited, enthusiastic speaker and exponent of achieving consistent excellence in business and sport using great strategic planning while building a powerful mindset.

I work with entrepreneurs and managers of small to medium sized businesses as they set goals, create action plans and develop the skills of getting stuff done with confidence and motivation while enjoying a successful work/life balance.

I work with large companies including Microsoft, helping them build high performance teams through shared goals, better communication and resilience training while managing energy and wellness.

I train sports people to perform consistently at competitions with extraordinary levels of self-belief, focus and determination while controlling anxiety levels, distractions and doubts. I have also created an online course called “Going In The Zone For Sport” to help sports people easily learn the mental fitness skills I teach to my top athletes.

I regularly deliver not only motivational talks but educational ones to clubs, companies and organisations. These talks and seminars are packed with case studies and stories from my experience working with hugely successful people in sport, business and entertainment, presented in a fun and interactive way.

My insights from years of training Olympic athletes, standing in the ring alongside world champion boxers and competing in some of the worlds toughest endurance events, has shown me what it takes to be mentally tough, and I am a huge believer in integrating the mental toughness skills of top sports performers into business and life.

I provide step-by-step guides and exercises designed to help you transform the way you work, compete and live to give you better control and more success.

One more thing, I also own and operate one of the toughest cycling events in the world – Race Around Ireland. Riders spend up top 22hours per day on their bikes to finish the gruelling 2200km route inside 5days. Check it out here!