This business team development plan is designed with you at all times to help your employees change at a personal level focusing on energy management and greater performance using learning tools to recognise and change negative thinking, poor habits and limiting behaviours with an overall goal of greater job satisfaction.

Collaboration is hugely important to achieve any success and the plan is designed by working together with you to customise it so that it fits in with your time and goals. The aim is to develop and deliver a programme that is not just motivational but sustainable. We will discover ways to help your employees strive for constant progression in self-development. Together we will create an energetic high performance team that delivers excellence through a balance of work and recovery.

Whether working with my international teams, professional sporting organisations or corporate clients there are three parts to the plan that are put in place to develop the team over time for greater success.


Part one – Meeting with management

Before we start the journey we want to be very clear on what our goals are and the markers by which we will measure the progress of the team. We will arrange to have a short meeting to discuss these outcomes and the overall plan.

This will be a 30-minute meet up and discussion about the overall goals and content for the kick-start workshop.


Part two – Getting started

The kick-start workshop will:

  • Examine what best performance teams look like
  • Discover the strengths and weaknesses of the team
  • Determine what the individuals believe their strengths and weaknesses to be
  • Learn what the team would like to achieve (Determined by the team but discussed before hand with the management)
  • Create actions that will be taken by each individual to improve the team (Getting them to take responsibility)
  • Finish with a summary of the workshop and action plan set out for everyone

The duration for this workshop usually takes 2 – 3 hours.


Part 3 – Follow up workshops and feedback

The content of the next workshop will be determined by the results of this initial kickstart workshop and the goals of the team. It has been found that a maximum of six week is best for greater results. This allows enough time for changes in habits and behaviours to take place. Any longer than six weeks can lead to a loss of momentum and motivation.

The duration of the workshop can vary depending on content and the goals and time constraints.

Before all workshops a meeting will be held with management. These meetings are a short 30-minute session, which can be held approximately one week before the next workshop to discuss the feedback from the team members, progress of the group and the goals of the management for the next session.


In Summary

Together we can create a bespoke roadmap to not just facilitate your team but also guide them with techniques and skills that are used by some of the world’s top leaders and high achievers to create greater success and life balance. The direction we take may change sometimes due to constant feedback but the end destination will always be the focus of our attention – Greater productivity through job satisfaction. 

The challenge with any programme is keeping the energy, motivation and enthusiasm high after workshops, but we will achieve this through constant feedback and more regular workshops as determined by the team.

On this journey it is important that people are never made do anything they don’t want to do, but we will discover ways to change their current habits and limiting behaviours by guiding them through those things that drive them, excite them and make them want to be better.


Getting Started

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