DSCN0026As a performance coach I work with both teams and individuals. Below are some of the topics that I cover. If you have a team, club or organisation that would benefit from a presentation on any of the topics please don’t hesitate to contact me.  

Mental Toughness

High achievers all have one thing in common – supreme mental toughness.  Discover what it takes to be mentally tough and how you can learn to be more resilient, consistent and triumph over any adversity.

Goal setting

Everyone knows the importance of goal setting.  Most people see it as common sense; however common sense is not always common practice!  Lets get you focused on the fundamentals of goal setting and how you can get into the habit of setting goals that keep you on track for success.

Motivation – Lets DO this!

Motivation can be like a balloon constantly leaking air.  Find out how motivation can be maintained over longer periods of time, so that actions needed to continuously improve are consistently applied, keeping the balloon pumped.

Controlling anxiety

Whether performing in front of a large crowd or a few of peers, the ability to control anxiety has a huge impact on performance.  Discover how top performers control anxiety and create success under extreme pressure.

Staying focused

Ability to remain focused on goals and ignore distractions, can be the difference between success and failure.  Uncover the strategies that the most successful performers use to create laser type concentration, stay in the moment and accomplish any task.

The secrets to building confidence

This step-by-step series of simple yet powerful techniques will help you achieve success quickly.

The power of negative thinking

“Cheer up. Be happy.  Find the silver lining.  Smile”

There are times however, when a calculated form of negative thinking—called defensive pessimism, can lead to very positive results.  Alan demonstrates the most effective way to use defensive pessimism in specific situations to manage anxiety, fear, and worry and create positive results.

Effective Visualisation

Research has revealed that mental practice is almost as effective as true physical practice.  This is a powerful tool used by all top performers in business and sport can be learned easily and effectively to bring about fast results.

Introduction to self-hypnosis

Most people who have heard of hypnosis believe that hypnosis is done for entertainment, but the truth is that hypnosis is used for enhancing business and sport performance.  Find out how Steve Collins used it to become World champion and how easily it can be learned and it can be used to improve your performance.