IMG_2453If you are looking for an entertaining and informative presentation for your group you may find what you are looking for here!  

Each presentation is designed to be interactive and fun while promoting some valuable lessons for work and life. All presentations are packed with case studies from my 25years of work in the field of human performance.

The presentation will be tailored to meet the requirements of the organisers and attendees in terms of time allocation and suitable topics. Some presentations are stand-alone talks while other are best undertaken with an emphasis on follow up workshops.


Most Popular Presentations


Lessons I learned from my most successful clients

Although I have helped a huge number of people over my 25 years in the performance business achieve success, there are many things I have learned from them. This has created a blueprint for success I now share in this presentation. This entertaining presentation has lots of case studies and tips that can change attitudes, beliefs and habits literally overnight.


Creating Championship Success in Sport, Business and Life

Creating a champion takes more than raw talent. In this presentation attendees discover the key attributes champions must have to win when it really matters. Real life examples are given from my work with the best of the best and I demonstrate what they have about them that set them apart from other talented individuals. By identifying the common denominators of a champion it becomes easier to know what needs to be worked on in order to be successful.


Building and Maintaining High Performance Teams

This presentation is hugely sought after for people in a leadership role. During the talk, attendees find out the fundamentals I use for team development. Principles I have taken from the Australian Institute of Sport and how I now build teams around teams. Common goals, communication, cohesion, collaboration, commitment and constructive conflict are the 6 c’s used in this talk with case studies that include National champions, International teams and top business leaders.


Managing Emotional Energy

How you manage your emotions on the field of play or in your workplace has significant impact on your performance. It is estimated that 70% of the energy we derive throughout the day comes from how we feel emotionally. Participants on this workshop have discovered that managing emotional energy, not time, is the key to sustained high performance. The outcome is improved health, greater happiness, laser sharp focus and resilience to deal with any situation.


Other Presentations have included

Success is all not about luck – The keys to creating success

Mental toughness and resilience and how to develop it – Learn to develop bounce back ability!

Advanced imagery techniques for better performance – The number one skill used by all top performers

Performance is about the now – Developing laser sharp concentration while staying in the moment

What you learn when you make someone ride his bike 22hours per day for 11days – Case study with success strategies for everyone


I hope you find something of interest here. If you are organising an event or workshop and would like to include one of these presentations feel free to contact me directly at I can also chat with you at any time to discuss what your goals are with regards to what you would like attendees to walk away with. This way we can make sure that the presentation is tailored specifically for your requirements and that of your audience.