Going in the Zone for Business Leaders

Becoming a great leader in business, whether as a business owner or manager of a corporate team is the same as becoming a great leader in sport.  That’s what I believe.  Training leaders and ultimately winners in the world’s most brutal sports is what I do, and what I have spent my life’s work doing.

‘Going in the Zone for business leaders’ is a training programme designed to create an environment where you can reach a new level of performance and impact.  If you are like a lot of business leaders you may have completed business courses and training to help you understand the basics of sales, marketing and finance. However, unless you know how to manage your own goals, confidence level, expectations and mental resilience, you will struggle to instil those skills into your team or company.

On this programme we will focus on the mental toughness and confidence characteristics of leaders and how they communicate effectively with employees and customers.  Confidence is an invaluable component of leadership.  High levels of confidence help stimulate a positive mentality that leads to an increased will to persevere – no matter what events unfold.  This is known as true resilience.

Mental toughness and confidence are components that can be easily identified from what leaders say and do.  Leaders with low confidence levels will often be negative in their approach; they will express negative thoughts and feelings (tension, fear, predetermined failure etc.), they will focus on uncontrollable factors (for example the conditions or resources), and they will exhibit unenthusiastic behaviour.  

In contrast, mentally tough leaders work in the zone.  They are excited, courageous and focused.  They take chances, give 100% effort, and are willing to develop their skills with a growth mindset. If you want to become a leader who is committed, focused, confident and in control of your emotions while learning about communication and influencing others then this programme is for you. 

Working on this programme with me, you will discover brilliant techniques to:

  • Set and achieve goals that matter
  • Sell themselves and their ideas with belief and conviction
  • Control fear and uncertainty created by change
  • Make decisions under pressure
  • Develop habits to create more energy
  • Build mental toughness and resilience to push through any adversity
  • Communicate with confidence
  • Eliminate distractions and stay focused on the tasks at hand