High Performance Team Development Programme

I believe that teams can do amazing things when they come together with shared goals, a clear strategy and a growth mindset that brings out the best in its members both individually and collectively.  I want to share with you my strategy for creating High Performance Teams. My role is to empower both team leaders and members to create a culture within the team that encourages a belief that everyone can grow and develop.  I help the team nurture the full potential of individuals by demonstrating that anyone can change their mindset to consistently bring their “A game”. 

Whether the leader is new to the team, the group has been formed recently or experienced team members would benefit from hitting refresh in the way they work together, this program will be of huge benefit for all.During the process of working through this proven system, individuals in the team learn about what creates success, their strengths and weakness and the actions they can take to improve the team and their own performance, while building a work life balance. 

They learn to embrace uncertainty, take risks, move on quickly after mistakes and recognise that failure is a vital part of greater success.  The team members learn the strengths of collaboration, positive communication and sharing in the success of individuals, while being open to the ideas of others. Not only do they learn the above skills, they are also given an opportunity to grow, feel appreciated and ultimately create a greater sense of achievement, and happiness in a collective success. 

This business team development plan, is designed with you at all times to help your employees change at a personal level, focusing on energy management and greater performance, using learning tools to recognise and change negative thinking, poor habits and limiting behaviours, with an overall goal of greater job satisfaction and performance output. High performance business teams go to market smoother, launch products more effectively,  and work together more efficiently to create a culture of high energy growth and development.

Great business leaders want their team members to be able to balance performance and wellness. They understand that there is a difference between a group and a team. A group is a collection of individuals with unique skills who coordinate their individual efforts. A team however is a tight knit collection of people working together to achieve common goals and objectives.

Great teams have a cohesiveness and trust that bonds the individuals together with a strong sense of purpose. They encourage each other to manager energy through habits designed to balance workload and recovery. Together we are going to create your High Performance Team in five distinct workshops:


Workshop 1 – The High Performance Team

Duration – 3hours


In this workshop we are going to focus on what makes a high performance team successful and examine how the team currently work and communicate together.  

We start to build the team in a number of ways:

  • Shared Goals, Objectives, Strategies and Tactics – Everyone must understand and buy into the mission of the team or there will be dissenting voices and whispers in the group.
  • Reputation/ Team Identity – We examine the current identity of the team and determine what the members want as a reputation and what actions can be taken to develop it.
  • Communication – We analyse the type of interaction currently between the team members and what actions can be taken to make it positive, open and constructive.
  • Collaboration – We focus on the power of collaboration, not just within the team, but also within the organisation and with other teams.
  • Structure – Great teams have members with well-defined roles who take responsibility for their growth and progress.
  • Team Cohesion with a Growth Mindset – We aim to bring out the best in individuals by developing a culture of supportive learning.


Workshop 2 – The Strong Team – Mental Toughness, Resilience and Grit

Duration – 3 hours


Right now, somewhere in the world there are people who are pushing themselves to extremes. Whether they are halfway up Everest, running across a desert or trekking to the South Pole, they are pushing the limits of human endurance and testing their bodies to breaking point.

Having both crewed and competed in the Race Across America and organised one of the toughest endurance events in the world, the Race Around Ireland, I am lucky enough to have witnessed first-hand what the human body and mind is capable of.

There is no doubt that people who compete in these ultra-endurance races are mentally tough, but mental toughness is not just about being able to finish these types of extreme events.  We witness mental toughness when anyone can keep going even though they are enduring difficult circumstances in work or life. 

People in the workplace display mental toughness when they embrace uncertainty (change), take risks, move on quickly after mistakes and recognise that failure is a vital part of greater success.

The workshop includes the following topics:

  • What mental toughness is
  • The mental toughness test
  • Resilience and Grit
  • Developing confidence and courage
  • Taking risks
  • Dealing with mistakes
  • Dealing with fear of failure and success and facing uncertainty


Workshop 3 – The Focused Team – Working In The Zone 

Duration – 3hours


Teams are made up of individuals and it is important that they learn skills that brings the best out of themselves within the team.  This workshop is focused on teaching team members the habits that can create a perfect flow state otherwise known as the “Zone”.

The zone is described as “the mental state of operation, in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energised focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity”. In essence, the zone is characterised by complete absorption in what one does, and a resulting loss in one’s sense of space and time.

Although the zone is well known within the sports world, it is not just something that all sports people can experience, but it can also be achieved in the workplace.  It is when we create our best work and achieve our peak performance. 

The workshop includes the following topics:

  • What is the zone?
  • Creating the right environment for flow to happen
  • Creating habits that develop flow
  • Strategies for greater concnetration
  • Using visualisation techniques to enhance flow state
  • Finding your natural rhythm to create and sustain flow


Workshop 4 – The Energised Team – Creating Wellness, Health and Vitality

Duration – 3hours


It is well recognised that managing energy and not time, is the key to a maximising results, happiness and well-being. The aim of this workshop is to empower participants to balance and synergise the four quadrants of energy (Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual) while working together as a team.

In this workshop, we focus on managing energy for peak performance and health. We assess each team members current level of energy and they discover powerful techniques manage emotional energy, while learning how to recover and revitalise.

Topics include:

  • Nutrition to refuel energy
  • Exercise benefits and program design for busy individuals
  • The relaxation response and how to train it
  • Mindfulness techniques
  • Balancing workload and recovery


Workshop 5 – The Virtual Team – Working Remotely 

Duration – 3hours


Virtual teams can offer flexibility, increased job satisfaction, and higher productivity. However, virtual teams also come with several challenges that, if not addressed, can undermine goals, relationships, and team effectiveness.

When you can’t see your colleagues face-to-face, and you can’t have the social interactions that build relationships and rapport, it can be difficult to establish trust. If it isn’t managed correctly, this lack of trust can undermine everything that the virtual team is trying to achieve.

In this workshop participants discover the best strategies and tactics used to strengthen and enhance the productivity of the virtual team while working towards shared goals and creating a sense of teamship. Participants learn powerful ways to build trust with all team members and to communicate in a way that minimises misunderstandings.

In this workshop team members will:

  • Identify challenges in working within the virtual team 
  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of communication in the absence of visual cues and develop an action plan to strengthen it
  • Learn powerful ways to create and sustain trust with other team members
  • Analyse the current engagement level within the team and develop strategies to enhance it
  • Discuss technology tools that support virtual work and decide on which ones work best for the team in different situations
  • Discover how different people operate and how best to collaborate with them
  • Create ways to manage conflict and any other issues that may arise within the team



High performance teams are created when all members share a common goal, have a strong identity, can communicate candidly, collaborate with others, understand their role, take responsibility for the success of the team and have a growth mindset, which allows them to take risks, deal with mistakes and grow as important members of the team.

The goal of this program is to create a team where members believe that talent and intelligence are learned traits and through training and work can be improved. The aim is to grow together where members create and share in success.

All workshops have elements of new learning with practical group work being used to help the team bond and develop their skills together bringing out team members unique abilities.

Collaboration is hugely important to achieve any success and the plan is designed by working together with you to customise it so that it fits in with your time and goals. Before each workshop a 30 minute consultation with the group leader is recommended to assess progress, set new targets and plan the content of the workshop to best serve the team.

The aim is to develop and deliver a programme that is not just motivational but sustainable. We will discover ways to help your employees strive for constant progression in self-development. Together we will create an energetic high performance team that delivers excellence through a balance of work and recovery.