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DSCN0026This section is designed to give you many different techniques and skills you can practice to give you the edge over your competition, but more importantly allow you to reach your full potential.

If you are a coach or parent, then the information and exercises in this section can help you maximise the athletes commitment and mental fitness to reach both yours and their goals.

My Approach

In putting this section together my aim is not to bring you one discipline of psychological training for sport but rather to give you a mix of many approaches, techniques and experiences developed through the years.

All these techniques and skills are based on principles that are shown to work both at a scientific level as well as personal success stories from the best athletes in the World. 

The exercises in this section focus on four main components of mental toughness:

  • Commitment / Motivation
  • Concentration / Focus
  • Control Under Pressure
  • Confidence / Self-Belief

The following is a brief description of each component:


  • Setting difficult/attainable goals
  • Working harder than others to achieve goals
  • Pushing beyond abilities
  • Bouncing back from performance setbacks
  • Internal motivation to succeed
  • Persistence – refusal to give up


  • Remaining totally focused on the task at hand
  • Not being distracted by events surrounding the performance of the task
  • Remaining in control despite unexpected, uncontrollable events
  • Not being distracted by personal circumstances or events
  • Not being distracted by other people

Control Under Pressure

  • Coping effectively with adversity
  • Staying calm under pressure
  • Accepting that anxiety is inevitable and enjoying it
  • Making quick decisions under pressure
  • Performing better under pressure
  • Maintaining focus and effort under pressure


  • Having an unshakable belief in ability to achieve goals
  • Believing in unique qualities that will allow for succeed
  • Believing that obstacles can be overcome

One thing I realsise is that what works for one athlete may not always work as well with another, so this section will be as much about self discovery as it is about learning scientific principles. My aim is to guide you on this journey of self-discovery and empower you with some amazing tricks, strategies, techniques and skills while keeping it simple and free from psychobabble and technical jargon.

To get the very best from this section you should follow the exercises that are laid out for you. Practice them regularly and keep a record of how well they work for you.

Like any good training plan, we are going to:

  • Know your starting point
  • Set some goals
  • Set out your plan
  • Take Action
  • Monitor your progress 

I hope you really do enjoy the members section and if you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to contact me by email: alan@alanheary.com 

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