Whether as novice or professional golfers, we all experience the feeling of butterflies in our stomachs when we step on the first tee for competitions.  It is unavoidable that nerves and competition must go hand in hand and anxiety in any sport can be a hindrance or help.  How we handle pressure on the course can be the difference between picking up that winner’s trophy, or striding off disappointed and frustrated.

This workshop begins by explaining what nervous means and how pressure affects the body and mind, paying close attention to the well known and dreaded choke.  After that participants get an opportunity to examine the situations that cause them to feel pressure in their own game, and finally they get to learn some brilliant, simple and effective exercises to control pressure in any situation. 

Because all levels of golfers experience pressure at some point in their game, this workshop is applicable to all golfers.  Coaches will also benefit from attending the workshop, where they will learn how to recognize the symptoms of anxiety in their players, and instantly use tools and skills to help them take control of their nerves.

This workshop is designed to be informative, with a large emphasis on practical exercises to teach skills and tools in a fun and interactive way. 

Course Objectives

By the end of this workshop, participants will:

  •  Understand how pressure affects performance 
  •  Recognise the symptoms of anxiety and pressure
  •  Learn 5 steps to control pressure
  •  Develop a personalised plan to stay cool and in control in any situation

Course Content

  • Understanding Pressure and nerves
  • Golf Pressure Symptoms
  • How Perception Creates Pressure
  • Don’t Choke – Breath
  • Self-Commentary and How to Use it
  • The Science of Imagery and Why it Works
  • How Practice can be a Detrimental to Good Performance
  • Routines – Do They Really Work?
  • Q and A session

Duration: 2 Hours

The putter
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The Long Iron
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The Driver
2 Hour Presentation
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