Imagery Training for Confident Road Racing

There is an incredibly powerful connection between your mental rehearsal and physical success. By using this Mp3 to visualise critical moments in your race and how you will react to them, you are programming your mind to manage pain, build confidence and ultimately improve your mental toughness.

How to use this Mp3:

  1. Download it onto your phone
  2. Find a place where you wont be disturbed and you can close your eyes for 15 minutes
  3. Repeat at least 3 times per week (Directly after training and the morning of your race is best)




Focused throughout the race
Ability to control nervousness in the peloton
Supreme mental toughness
Tactical rehearsal

What type of imagery do you create?

Do you ever think about your competition or event the night before you compete? Do you imagine what it’s going to be like to jump off the saddle to sprint for the line? If so then you are using imagery.

Some might think of this as daydreaming, but with this specific imagery training audio, then it becomes purposeful, goal specific and an incredibly powerful tool you can use.

Whether your goal is to improve your technique, ‘rehearse’ your strategy or just relax and recover this imagery can be the big difference between your success or failure.

How does imagery work?

Imagery has the effect of priming muscles for subsequent physical action. It is evident that the neural impulses passed from the brain to the muscular system during imagery may be retained in memory, almost as if the movement had actually occurred.  This has the effect of creating a mental blueprint that can enhance your performance while racing. Your body reacts as if the action has really happened – becoming physically stronger and faster while reacting with speed and certainty.

Using regular, specific imagery training, physical skills can be improved even during periods of injury when physical practice is not possible! There is growing evidence to suggest that a combination of imagery and relaxation can accelerate the rehabilitation process following injury or surgery.

How to use this Audio Session

  • Find a quiet place where you can listen to this MP3 without interruption 3 days per week and on race day
  • Pick a time that suits you and commit to it, just as you would a physical training session.  Alot of people find that just after a training session works really well for them. 
  • For best results, start to listen to this audio at least 2 weeks before your race.