Below is a sample program that has been used with teams for a full season. The plan can be customised to match the goals and budget for the team. The goals are simple:

  1. Set out goals
  2. Develop the 3 R’s 
  3. Set out strategy for success
  4. Implement a Mental Fitness Programme
  5. Review and develop mental toughness for individual players

The Sample Plan

Initial Consultation with management
Before undertaking any performance and mental fitness program (MFP) there will be a meeting with the management to discuss the performance and mental strengths and weaknesses of the team so that any interventions can be customised to match the needs of the team.

The MFP sessions are designed to be both informational and practical, highlighting areas in need of improvement and the best techniques to improve those areas.

Working closely with the management and coaches the aim is to bring mental strengthening exercises into the training routine so that there are always real life implementations of the skills for the players.

Mental Fitness Program for the team – The goal of the MFP sessions (Approx 1hour long) are to help develop the commitment, focus and motivation of all players as well as providing practical exercises to reduce performance anxiety and boost confidence.

The aim of the first session with the players is to give an introduction to the Importance of Mental Skills – this session allows Alan to introduce himself but also offers the management an opportunity to have a “neutral professional” ask questions of the panel that they might not get honest answers to.

We are looking for an HONEST assessment of the team’s performance last year and what they believe is a realistic goal for this season? We will then look at what they believe needs to be done to achieve that goal this season creating goals both for the team and the individual players.

The goals of the MFP sessions are to:
Provide skills to the group, which can help them, stay positive and focused in an intense session or match
Give advice on lifestyle management
Create a stronger confidence in the squad that they are making strides toward their goals to bring upcoming matches into focus and to narrow their attention to those elements that they can control leading into games being Positive and Managing Nerves.
Throughout the season Alan will remain engaged with the management to provide pointers as to how to maintain progress and keep the players motivated across the season.

Availability is also made to individual players (via phone and at training) who may have a question or want to discuss a particular issue.

Implementation of plan and Alan’s role
Alan will meet with team and coaches twice per month. These meetings may include:
Setting and assessing goals
Analysing the team cohesiveness and providing techniques to create greater team cohesion
Providing team profiling and actions
Providing player performance profiling and actions
Delivering MFP sessions for skill development in commitment, control, confidence and concentration
One to one consultations with management or players
Observation of matches or training

Between each meeting:
Alan is available to speak to management or coaches on a regular basis by skype or phone for any issues they wish to discuss and advise accordingly
All players have access to Alan to ask any questions they may have about their performance and how they may improve a specific weakness they have by phone or skype
All players will receive emails aimed at improving performance and mental fitness skills
Pre-match preparation on the day of match aimed at both calming the players and centering their focus on the controllable areas of their performance is also catered for through the plan.

More info

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