Vinny O’Brien
  Alan has an unparalleled ability to tap into very simple, practical and controllable channels of performance. Every time I do a session with him, i take away workable but challenging sets of tasks that I need to put into actions. His energy is tangible and his delivery is always controlled, precise and through examples. I always come away from the sessions feeling purposeful and that is a key difference of Alan over other performance coaches, he puts the control back into my hands on my terms. I love it.  
Vincent Haywood
  Alan’s talk was a wake up call to get my mindset in gear. His technique of using interesting stories to get his points across was not only inspiring but highly motivating. I strongly recommend you listen to what he has to say.  
Ian Cleary
  Alan is a very passionate, energetic and inspiring speaker. He certainly motivated me into action after watching him speak at the mental toughness for business workshop.  
Aidan Duffy
  Alan taught me one simple technique from sports that allowed me to overcome a challenging problem in my business. I never expected to use sports techniques in business but this worked a treat! Alan is a strong speaker and tells great stories too so I recommend him to talk to your business team members.  
Ben Dillon
  Alan gave a talk to a group of us at a recent private business workshop. There were around nine or ten excellent speakers on the day yet Alan's speech was the one that everyone was talking about afterwards. Alan has an indescribable energy that lifts the room. Not only is he hugely inspirational and fascinating to listen to but he gives actionable advice to all attendees. Mental toughness was the topic of the day and I am already seeing the benefits of following his advice.  
Deirdre Hopkins
  Alan knows everything about getting in the zone; he's a brilliant speaker - a great storyteller, a great motivator, and a great asset to anyone's team.  
Nicky Doris
  Alan facilitated a Cycling Coaching Workshop that I attended. Having attended many courses in both sport and business over the years, this was by far the best Coaching Course I have been on. I would not hesitate to recommend Alan.  

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