Welcome to the “Executive World Champion Programme”

Now, more than ever, business leaders need an edge in a world of commoditisation, choice and distraction. ‘The Executive World Champion Programme’ is the culmination of what I have learnt over 20 years with the world’s greatest sportsmen in the toughest disciplines and how I have applied them to business. Let me help you find your zone in work and life.

On ‘The Executive World Champion Programme’ you will maximise your ability to:

  • Set clear goals and strategies for success
  • Manage Energy throughout the day
  • Consistently sell yourself and your product/service with confidence
  • Control fear of uncertainty and crush doubts
  • Make decisions under pressure
  • Develop winning habits
  • Build mental toughness and resilience to push through any adversity
  • Cope with pre-presentation anxiety
  • Communicate with confidence in any situation
  • Eliminate distractions and stay focused on what is required
  • Increase motivation to consistently get stuff done

Winning in sport is the same as winning in business. That’s what I believe. Training winners in the world’s most brutal sports is what I do, and what I have spent my life’s work doing. The Executive World Champion Programme, is an intensive training system for those in business who want to create a winning mindset. In the same way as I prepare my World champions for competition, I am going to help you perform at your absolute best in business.

This unique programme has been designed to fully maximise your capability, increase concentration, boost confidence, develop commitment and instill courage and mental toughness.

Understanding what ‘The Executive World Champion Programme’ can do for you requires a different type of thinking. It requires a mindset and work environment that leans into success and dares to think big—really big.

This Programme is NOT for Everyone!

It is only for you if you really want to improve, to be the best you can be, and are willing to do the exercises I ask you to do. I know what works. I know how to help you develop unshakable mental toughness and achieve success, but I can only work with you if you are willing to put in the effort.

‘The Executive World Champion Programme’ is a really intensive programme for both of us and includes:

  • One to one sessions. We can do these in person or on Zoom. They don’t have to be done over 6 weeks. In fact most people will do the first two sessions with a one week gap and then stretch the others out every 3 – 4 weeks. 
  • I will also sign you up to my ‘Power Up’ weekly newsletter, which has a weekly action to help improve performance. 
  • Email and phone support is available too. You can email me any questions you have about anything that we have covered, and if you have something that requires urgent advice, you can simply text that you would like to speak ASAP and you will get a call from me as soon as possible.

Having spent time in the ring with World Boxing Champions, Olympic Athletes, World Cup teams as well as working with top executives from start ups to Microsoft, I have a unique insight:

“The winning mindset can be developed by all. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, or what your role is. I can get you to the heart of success faster, quicker and easier than you could ever imagine, but you need to be willing to learn and work smarter”.

This is Different to Having a Business Coach

Winning in business is a complex equation; there are many components you have to master and combine in order to achieve your best chance of success.

In marketing, practitioners talk about the importance of the 4 P’s: Product, Promotion, Price, Place. Finance people talk about P+Ls. Cash flows, balance sheets, forecast. All our professions have their own metrics. In sport we call these metrics, skills.

Working with business coaches and doing business courses can help you with business metrics in the same way as sports coaches help athletes develop the skills they need. But ALL top coaches also work with someone like me. Someone who trains people to have the right mindset and have unbeatable confidence and focus when it’s needed most.

Winners in business are just like the top sports performers in the world. It is not enough to understand the skills of business, you must be able to think like a pro, create the mindset and strategies that winners have, and present your business with the self-belief of a champion.

A fighter who goes into the boxing ring with a clear sense of commitment, confidence, focus and who can control their emotions, has a much better chance of prevailing.  The confidence that comes from complete preparation means that you can go into any situation ready, knowing you can win.

‘The Executive World Champion Programme’ aims to have you consistently achieving excellence, and transform the way you work and live. Discover the mindset, strategies and tactics of the worlds top sports performers and apply to your life today. Learn the thinking, tactics and tools of the world’s greatest athletes and bring these principles to bear in work.

Executive World Champion Packages

Starter Package

90 Minute One Off Session
  • 1 x Session (90Mins)
  • Performance Analysis
  • Goal Setting
  • Action Plan

Elite Package

6 Week Programme
  • 6 x 60 Minute Sessions
  • Performance Analysis
  • Energy Management Analysis
  • Goal Setting
  • Weekly Action Plan
  • Email Access 24/7
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Pro Package

16 Week Programme
  • 12 x 60 Minute Sessions
  • Performance Analysis
  • Energy Management Analysis
  • Goal Setting
  • Weekly Action Plan
  • Email Access 24/7
  • Weekly Catch Up Calls
  • FREE Access To All Webinars

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