So you want to lose weight? Here are some questions to ask yourself, along with some tips to motivate you to succeed



Your Goals – Write them down
What’s your goal (in terms of the weight loss or size)?
Why do you want to achieve it? (What are you going to get out of it? satisfaction? Health? New clothes?)

If our goals are fuzzy or we’re not sure why we want to do something then our actions will be a little bit all over the place.

Ask yourself….

Do you want to lose weight or would you only like to lose weight? Understand the difference.

Don’t ask stupid questions!

Don’t ask why you can’t lose weight or why you can’t get motivated, instead ask what changes do you have to make to get the result you want and when can you make the changes to get the result you want

Eat when you are feeling hungry

Use the following scale to determine how hungry you feel. Tip – eat when you feel you are about a 4 on this scale

  1. Going to fall over
  2. Would eat the kitchen table
  3. Not to hungry
  4. Slightly hungry
  5. Not bothered
  6. Nicely satisfied
  7. Full
  8. Had too much
  9. Going to explode
  10. Going to throw up

Eat what you want

If you decide NOT to do or eat something, then that food or activity becomes the forefront of your thoughts. I don’t want you to make this hard on yourself – that’s why yo-yo diets happen. Instead eat what you want. Ask the question before you eat it – do I really want this or would doing or eating something else give me a better feeling afterwards. Is it going to help or hinder my progress? is a good question to ask.

If you have a craving for something and you would rate it a 9 or 10 out of 10, then don’t deny yourself. If its less than that, drink some cold water or do something else to take your mind off it. Remember – You can only focus your thoughts on one thing at a time.

Enjoy your food

Taking your time eating and enjoying each mouthful. I really want you to start enjoying the taste and texture of food rather than just stuffing it in your mouth. Get into the new habit of chewing every mouthful even if it means putting the knife and fork down between each.

In order for you to enjoy the food more, I want you to cut out all distractions while eating it.

This means:Girl, Eat, Model, Blonde, Hat, Pretty, Meal, Lunch

Don’t eat at your computer screen

Don’t eat while watching TV

Don’t eat while on the phone to someone

Stop eating when you get to 7 on the hunger scale

As soon as you feel satisfied – STOP eating

If there is food left on the plate, put it away until later. I want you to start listening to your body. Understand the signals. By eating slower this switch should be easier to recognise.

Tip – If you notice that the food is becoming less enjoyable with each bite it is a good sign that you are becoming full and this can trigger you to stop eating and if there is food left put it away until another time.

Drink water

Drinking water has many benefits:

Gives you something else to do with your hand and mouth instead of eating

Dehydration can actually confuse the body into feeling hungry. If you drink some water and after you still feel hungry – EAT!

The body flushes out water if you are drinking enough so there is less chance of having water retention.

Throw some extra activity into your day

This can be walking up flights of stairs or parking further away from work or meetings and walk the extra distance. You may even set a physical challenge for yourself every day or week so you have something to aim to beat.


Listening to this CD, will give you the ‘weight loss mindset’ allowing you to achieve your goal weight more easily.  You will not only stop struggling – you will approach your weight loss with enthusiasm, excitement and consistency.  You will become more confident about your body and enjoy creating
a healthy lifestyle



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